"With my first movie under my belt, I drove my pick-up truck to Los Angeles"

So, with the guys that were going to work as dancers at my club, I began a dance troupe and started touring around Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. We toured more and more states and was an instant strip club draw.When I was not on tour with the guys, I worked at a dinner restaurant -theater called "Medieval Times" in Dallas. I was the "Evil Green Knight" and rode a white Andalusian stallion named Dartanian. I jousted, chased wenches, and fought with medieval swords. It was fun until I got injured by a joust and can no longer work there. I had to take a break from dancing as well. It took two months to recover from my injury before I can dance again. The male dance revue got bigger and bigger, we expanded our repertoire in the east coast, in Boston and New Hampshire. This went on for eight years.

now, for good karma...

The troupe consisted of 5 guys. Myself, K.C., Chase, Thom Collins, Barret and his brother, Derek. During the tour, K.C. got too fat too dance. We tried to get him to lose weight but he couldn't or would not. The guys put a lot of pressure on me to fire him and replace him. The thought of breaking up the team weighed heavily in my mind so even though I did hire another guy, paid him my salary, I still retained K.C in the group, no longer a dancer, but now as our emcee.

"The male dance revue got bigger and bigger..."

The fact that we now had an official emcee gave us a whole new professional look for the show. We made more money as K.C. would talk up the dancers, and set the girls to tip more. He was great on the mike, he started emceeing for his girlfriend's toplesss road shows and it was here that he met Michael Raven, a great editor, and soon to be a great director in the porn ranks. Michael Raven offered K.C. a job as talent in his first porno movie (to which K.C.'s girlfriend said "no way"). It is at this point that good karma comes around. One day in July, I get a call from K.C., asking if I want to be in the porn movie that he could not do. I said "hell yes!". With my first movie under my belt, I drove my pick up truck with my dog to Los Angeles to meet up with Michael Raven and his wife, Sydnee Steele. I travelled around LA with Sydnee and as a team, we started doing adult features together: One, because I could act, and the other, because she was so beautiful...and the rest is porn history...