"Hello. My name is Evan Stone. I have been in the adult entertainment industry for 9 years now... Both my work and my social life are synonymous with fun... my good spirits and positive karma have guided me to a path of happiness and good standing with my friends and work associates. I hope one day to be accepted by the Moslem world or the Catholic, or whatever is in the forefront of the anti-pornography campaign.I like kind people... and honest work, good food, rock 'n roll music...and I like to listen-- to people, to nature... and the beating heart of this planet. I play music (guitar, piano, drums, cornet) and love to play most all sports. I do not enjoy watching sports. It seems a waste of time. I would rather be playing than watching. My dogs and I run every morning and evening. And when not working for the industry, I spend my spare
time with my girlfriendor in my studio in Burbank. I have done almost every job that you could imagine before starting my career in pornography. I worked on our horse ranch growing up. I ride and can fence, build stalls, bail and stack hay. I have worked in a slaughter house, driven a forklift, worked in a gas station, a convenience store, and as a groundskeeper for a golf course-- all before my three years of college.. I got my first acting job while still in high school. One day, we had a student teacher from the local university teach our creative writing "One-Act Plays" class. We were working on "The Diary of Anne Frank". No one wanted to read for Anne Frank, so I did, and with a voice that was beaten down by oppression but had not quite given up hope. The student teacher
was so impressedthat she asked if I will be interested in reading for the college presentation of "Man of La Mancha."I was only 16 years old, and at the time, needed permission from my mom. I attended the reading, and discovered that: one, I could act. And two, that I could sing.
I was cast as Sancho, the right hand man of Don Quijote in "Man of La Mancha". These people I met in theater were the most fun and kind people I had ever met in my life and I swore if I ever meet the same kind of people again, I would never leave them (Later on, I would find them in adult entertainment industry). I completed "Man of La Mancha", and soon after that, was cast as Pontius Pilate in "Jesus Christ Superstar".After high school, I went to college for one year at a local college. I wanted to be a soldier so I went into two years of ROTC at the university while studying pre-med. At the time, I was working as an EMT for the local ambulance service. This all ended with a knee injury from playing football. The army wanted only healthy and undamaged officers. Very depressed, I visited my sister in Houston, Texas, while still in my cast. I was lounging around her apartment pool when I met the manager of a phone collection agency who was impressed by my "command" voice (from my ROTC officer training). He gave me a job as a phone collector, with a great salary.

Playing Captain Kirk in Hustler's "This Ain't Star Trek xxx"
I left school for two reasons: One, I wanted to be an officer (and that was now over). Two, I wanted to be a doctor.I decided to make some money and later, return to school. I made incredible amounts of money, I was very good at this job. I got everyone to pay and my commission checks were huge. My leg healed, and on a dare, I went into a local club that featured male dancers and won the amateur contest.So, during the day, I worked phone collections, and at night, I stripped at this club. One day, I decided I had enough money to open my own club, so I built one. Two weeks before the grand opening, the city changed its zoning laws, and before I even opened, I was closed. No club, no money, and the club I used to dance for was now my competition so I could not go back. The phone collection job was great money but hard on the soul. " READ MORE
birthday: 7.18.69
zodiac sign: CANCER
likes: SEX, FOOD and NAPS
dislikes: RUDE PEOPLE
height: 5'11 weight: 200 lbs
shoe size: 10 1/2, Italian Shoes 11
pant size: 33
hair color: LIGHT BROWN
favorite position: CEO or SPOON